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Tales of wonder from the Autism Spectrum

Well, it was starting to really work my last nerve, that WordPress was getting more and more bloated, while offering less and less in the way of functionality that I could actually use - or that I actually wanted.

Block editor. Give me a friggin' break.

Needless to say, if you're here, you're not over on my old WordPress blog (link's above, I'm not adding it again here). And it just may be that you want to read something by an autistic woman writer who's got some things to say.

This blog is ultra low-tech. Not a lot of glorious images (though I will be using some, within reason). I'm coding it all by hand, too. Been doing that since 1995, and I enjoy it. It's my thing. Styling is going to be minimalist, and nowhere near as snappy as WordPress can be. But I'm guessing the pages will load faster. So there.

More to come. Check the links on the right for posts that may interest you.

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